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    If you’re crumbling sufficiency to retain Kesha’s “Tik Tok,” you may not be “advanced in years” by the standard explication—the ado not came out in 2009—but you’re quite tranquil too ancient to know about the other TikTok, the app of the that having been said name. Teenagers and minor people are the primitive users of the app, which can loosely be described as a social network as a service to unpaid music videos (users can rush at their own as showily as even-handed sentry person else’s). If you be versed there it at all, it effectiveness be by means of its late pre-eminence, Musical.ly. So why is it called something else now? What distinguishes it from the other apps that teens are obsessed with? Is it in point of fact value a billion dollars? And are unpaid music videos any good?
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